2016 m. kovo 8 d., antradienis

International Tulip's Day: MARCH 8

They say we need to raise strong girls; but I say we need to raise sensible, responsible, tolerant, conscious children (boys and girls). 
Although we live in a century of democracy, freedom, capitalism, innovation, information technology and knowledge we still fail on the basics. There is no democracy nor freedom without gender equality. We close our eyes on the injustice towards women and girls. We set double standards at home, in public and at work. The ugly truth is every one of us are responsible. We are the one shaping the future for our children and the generations after them. 

"An annual "international women's day" was first organised by the German socialist and theorist Clara Zetkin along with 100 delegates from 17 countries in March 1911."(http://www.independent.co.uk/)

Nevertheless after more than a century we are still failing to achieve gender equality. Equality cannot be achieved unless we are part of it. We the people (men and women) for the sake of our future generation. Loving and caring mothers and fathers who would raise their kids without double standards and prejudice at home, parents who would let their kids chose their own toys, parents who respect their partner and set an example. Parents who are compassionate towards each other. Only then the children will grow to be conscientious law makers, managers, leaders. 

Thereon we don't need to push or force or beg for equality everything will be naturally understandable. Gender equality becomes a birth right as it should be, but not something that can be granting to a girl/women by the society or the law. 

Every mother is responsible for raising not only strong daughters but also mindful and compassionate sons for a better future of humanity. And a day will come when we will be celebrating March 8 as International Tulip's Day with its history. And our grandchildren and great grandchildren will be telling the story how our Women's day became their Tulip's Day. #Educate #Empower #inspire

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